These are some of the techniques I use to improve your well-being and your health.



The Acupuncture sessions consist of insertions of acupuncture needles into specific parts of the body in order to restore the patient’s energetic balance (Qi). Acupuncture works from the premise that body and mind are one. Therefore when I readjust the imbalances of the body, the mind relaxes and emotions balance, and vice versa. The result is a body without pain, discomfort and imbalances, as well as a balanced, se-rene and relaxed mental-emotional state.


The Moxibustion in an ancient technique that consists in the heating of certain acu-puncture points using pressed sagebrush plant blocks. It produces a very pleasant sensation and beneficial effects, since it activates the energetic and blood circulation, calming muscular tensions and balancing the corporal system. It can also be applied to tone the internal heat (Yang) by providing energy, vitality and even improving sex-ual activity and other problems of the reproductive system.



Electroacupuncture is a method in which electrodes are connected to acupuncture needles producing a slight tingling sensation, without any pain or discomfort, which stimulates the energetic activation of Acupuncture points. It is a method that com-bines traditional Acupuncture with the innovation of the aparatology. It produces spe-cific anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, as well as activation of energy and cir-culation.


Cupping therapy is a technique that causes certain skin and tissue stimuli through suction. It generates a very pleasant sensation similar to massage and serves to ac-tivate blood, lymphatic and energetic circulation of the body. it is very useful for de-toxification and tendinomuscular relaxation, among others.



Laser-puncture is a new method of “Acupuncture without needles” that is applied in acupuncture points in order to stimulate them and generate different beneficial ef-fects. It is effective in treating various addictions and to calm anxiety. It is also used in people who can not receive Acupuncture for different reason.


Auriculotherapy is a technique that can be used alone or in conjunction with other techniques. It consists of the stimulation of specific points of the auricular pavilion to obtain certain health benefits and in balancing the nervous system. It is used a lot in cases of pain, digestive problems, to help quit smoking, as support in weigh loss diets, in anxiety control, insomnia, stress and hay-fever.



The Chinese Energy Diet and Natural Diets is applied to diet reeducation, which is planned in a personalised way for each patient according to their case and their needs. It is usually applied alongside other therapeutic techniques such as Acupunc-ture.


“What has brought me to this point in my life? Why does my biology express itself in this way?”

BioNeuroEmotion is a method developed to decode the cause of various health problems.

Research studies constantly confirm that our body and mind are linked to our unconsciousness. Our unconsciousness houses all the information of the conflicts that we have experienced throughout our life as well as the ways of solving them.

It complements in an exceptional way with any treatment that the patient is receiving, whether they be conventional medicine, traditional techniques or natural therapies.

With simple techniques based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Erickson Hypnosis it is possible to deprogram and release conflicts that may be the cause of different health problems.

These sessions usually include the Family Tree Therapy and Project Sense methods. These reveals patterns and schemes that we unconsciously repeat and inherited naturally from our ancestors (or from conception, pregnancy, childbirth or early childhood).

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