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I obtained my BSc with Honours in Chinese Traditional Medicine by the University of Wales. Expert in Chinese Traditional Medicine by University of Kunming.

Since obtaining my BSc I have gained over 15 years of experience in this profession including continuous investigation and teaching in the field.

After finishing my university studies, I lived for six months in the country where Traditional Chinese Medicine was born, with thousands of hours of intensive practice in different hospitals of the Kunming Medical University, among them the Oncological Hospital of Yunnan. In these hospitals I learnt how to obtain optimum results and verified the how great results are achieved combing conventional medicine with TraditionalChinese Medicine even in patients with very serious conditions such as cancer, among others. I also learnt from different renowned Chinese doctors wit high prestige who not only taught me their knowledge, techniques and secrets but their values, philosophy an attitude associated with this profession, something that I am very thankful of.

The Chinese language carries a different form of thinking than we have here in the West and is a valuable gateway to the understanding of Chinese Medicine.

Since then, I live in Spain while my heart is in China. That has motivated me to undertake my studies in the Chinese language, both spoken and written. I obtained the official certificate from the Institute of Confucius HSK3 (middle level), and to this day I continue to study.

I combine my private practice with teaching Chinese Medicine. In addition I am trained in therapeutic Qi Gong and specialised in other areas such as Naturopathic Dietetics, Energetic Dietetics, Holistic Kinesiology, Biodecoding (Bioneuroemotion) and Transpersonal Coaching.

I combine the most complete techniques in order to provide the best results for my patients.

Melina Makarian
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